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Winter Series: Understanding and accessing Feminine Power

LouAnne Reger of J&L Steel and Cat Thompson of Emotional Technologies are excited to present a new winter series of classes for women.

We believe we are poised at a unique moment in history. Not since ancient Sumer, 6,000 years ago, have women had the kind of power we are experiencing today. We own our own property, we run our own businesses, we are free to bear children or not; be married or single - in short, we can chart our life’s course to please ourselves. We have gathered together a tremendous amount of power.

What are we to do with all this power? What evolutionary story are we living, that has brought us all here together, at this specific point? And what can we do to support an even greater evolution of consciousness among all people? How can be architects of new archetypes? How can we heal 6000 years of wounds? How can we pool our collective skills and create visions far beyond what our ancestors have settled for? These are the questions that will drive our winter classes.

From our commitment to helping women evolve their personal power, we are presenting four events for women. Come to one or all at the substantially reduced price of $25. In addition, we are offering 5 free scholarships per class. If you know a woman who would benefit from any of these classes, simply contact Cat at cat@emote.ws and give us the name of your scholarship recipient. We urge you to reach out to women less fortunate and help them get to the classes with car-pooling as well. Our goal is to not only provide cutting edge information on the Feminine power; it is to help hone a group of already powerful women into an evolutionary force.

The classes will be open to men as well. We welcome men who would like to learn more about their own feminine energy; how to be evolve their own emotional power, and would benefit from understanding more about the women in their life.

Lunch: Please bring your lunch, or if you would like to order a box lunch, call Fresh and Natural Foods and talk to the Deli (mention it is for the J&L Steel class). They can take your order, and we will pick it up for you in time for lunch on saturday. Fresh and Natural Foods, 715-377-9913. Please call the friday before your class.

In addition to the four Hudson classes, we are offering 5 classes in Menomonie, WI. (See the Calendar page for all offered classes). Combined, this body of knowledge is a great way to supercharge the new decade.

It is our time. Let us seize the moment and create an inspired, passionate and joyful future.







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All Classes will be held at J&L Steel in Hudson, WI






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