The Archetype of the Magical Child and Storyteller

The Power to Transform through Compassion

Fire personalities are charismatic in nature and work best with groups. They are community oriented - people are drawn to them because they always seem to be having such fun. You can find them adding drama and theater wherever they go, and therefore are often at the center of things. They are kind, respectful and compassionate. They often have "healing hands", as touch is a gift they give to others. They are always on the lookout for the best story to be shared, and will only participate in your story if it is fun for them and everyone else. They love to laugh, to hear others laugh, and insist that life is an exciting adventure, filled with friends, family and epic stories of love.

Fire people are natural salesmen - they can sell anything they believe in, and many things they do not. People instinctively know that if they can get a Fire person on their marketing team, their product will sell. However, as a Fire person ages, they demand meaning in their selling. If the product they sell does not feed a larger context (such as providing value to the whole) they may be unable to sell with conviction.

Life Lesson: To ask for and receive help

Fire personalities give the best gifts. They instinctively know exactly what you would like. They are generous to a fault, often spending the rent money because they found the perfect gift for someone. Yet they are challenged with asking for help for themselves. Unwilling to be obligated, they often spend the first part of their life doing everything alone so as to stay free from obligations. Learning to ask for help, then allowing that help, opens the door to universal abundance for them.

Purpose: To Create Community

Fire people often create childhoods of pain around love. They then spend their 20's and 30's independent and alone. As they near 40, their natural tendency to create community begins to assert themselves. They may then reconnect with their family, bringing healing through unconditional acceptance and understanding of how the past was co-created. They are dynamic creators of spiritual and political communities, and can burn so bright they put others off. Their purpose is to envision stories in which everyone gets their heart's desire. Fire personalities are happiest when everyone is enjoying their role.


Fire people often keep their passion alive through anger and criticism. It is important that they find their joy and use their passion to create a life of innocence and trust. Happiness and pleasure, including lots of playtime, are the emotional indicators that Fire is moving in the direction of its' purpose.

Honesty is critical for Fire people to fully realize their potential. When their words and actions match, and they can "say what they mean and mean what they say", life becomes wondrously free and uncluttered. Once Fire matures past needing to create dramas wherever it goes, it gracefully adopts honesty as the new drama.

Play, play, play! Become as a little child. Take time for leisure. Waste time. Relax. Skip rope. Hula hoop. Have laughing sex with your partner. Giggle. Hang out with small children and allow yourself to be a prop in their story. Be/Have/Make Fun!!


Ring of Fire, thanks to PhotoShop Nerds

'If you're really listening, if you're awake to the poignant beauty of the world, your heart breaks regularly. In fact, your heart is made to break; its purpose is to burst open again and again so that it can hold ever-more wonders."
-Andrew Harvey



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