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Your Personal Tipping Point


Every day, your body is assaulted by a toxic cocktail of chemicals. They are in the air you breathe, the products you use on your skin and hair, the food you eat - almost every choice you make in life includes chemicals. Many of these toxic ingredients have not been tested, and very little is known about the reactions that occur when these chemicals are mixed together. At some point, the chemical cocktail you have taken in creates a tipping point. Your body can no longer fight off colds and flu. Your organs struggle to do their job, often breaking down slowly, then more rapidly as your body loses strength and nutritional resources. Once you reach your tipping point, it can often be a long and costly battle to return to health.

Our modern medical model is based on control - controlling a symptom externally brings changes internally. But as Charles Eisenstein postulates in this excellent article, "You can suppress each new pesticide-resistant weed with a new chemical, but eventually the consequences of chemical agriculture pile up faster than you can invent new technological fixes to deal with them. It works great at first and yields rise significantly with very little effort, but eventually huge chemical input is needed even to break even. In medicine, you can suppress with a pharmaceutical drug the symptoms caused by the last pharmaceutical drug, but eventually the patient is on twenty medications and getting no better; synergistic side effects proliferate and the patient rapidly deteriorates. Such is the inevitable end game for any program of control. The illusion of control can only be maintained temporarily, and at ever greater cost". True health and wellness comes from understanding how our bodies are designed to stay healthy; understanding the nature and purpose of emotion and its' purpose in health, and how to synergize our knowledge into a system that allows self-diagnosis and self-healing.

The Q3 Wellness Program combines nutritional, emotional and physical wisdom into a cohesive curriculum in which each of these three types of wisdom support and enhance each other. Participants will learn three distinct languages. The first is the power of the spoken word, and how language defines our beliefs and what we are able to experience. Most of us lose a huge percentage of our creative power with sloppy language. Once you discover the power of your word, life begins to change immediately.

The second language participants learn is the language of the body. All pain and illness is a message from the physical body, and once we learn to interpret what the body is saying, we can make adjustments (nutritionally, emotionally and physically) to take us to whole health.

Finally, participant will learn the third language, a language of emotion. You will learn the purpose of the Five Master Emotions and how their proper expression leads to greater personal power and health. You will learn how to find deeply buried patterns in the subconscious that keep you from fulfilling your potential. And finally, you will find yourself in a community of like-minded individuals who, over the 12-week program, become an amazing geometry of sharing and support for each other.

As you discover your own enormous database of innate wisdom, you will also learn how to make choices that take you away from your tipping point and closer to absolute health. The process is rich and steady. Those who complete the class go away with a shift in consciousness, a shift in health, and a stronger belief in their own ability to create a joyful life.



This program can take your own work to a much higher level. Our focus on understanding and accessing subconscious patterns will boost your effectiveness. You will learn valuable tools to help your clients move through their emotional blocks with grace and ease.


"Cat Thompson and the Q3 Wellness Program have helped me to grow and expand to new levels! She is a wealth of information about many topics that relate to a person's health and happiness (spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, environmental, and community). I will continue to refer to my class notes, her handouts, articles, and weblinks to take in all the good stuff she has provided for a long time to come. She is engaging, funny, compassionate, and supportive -- her desire to be of service to others is obvious and genuine". Valerie Cover, Q3 graduate





"Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear." Hippocrates






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